A job for death

Can anyone explain to me this canonisation weirdness?

What exactly are the qualifications to become a saint?

Do you have to be well in with the management?

Is it based on academic achievement?

It is the strangest job in the world that even after you're dead they keep promoting you.  It sort of extends the concept of a job for life?  A job for death as it were?

What are the benefits?

Is there extra pay?  Extra pension?  A new car?  Extra allowances?  Are you allocated a bevy of luscious angels as attendants?

So today there are two new saints.  Are they aware of the fact?  Will they be moving into new accommodation?  Are they scared of being demoted again like poor old Christopher?

So many questions and fuck all by the way of answers.

Thank God I'm an atheist.

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A job for death — 8 Comments

  1. If the anti-smokers martyr you Grandad, you'll at least have the Devil's Advocate compiling a file on you. The next step is for you to work a miracle. It's all done in little steps.

    • I haven't followed this malarkey at all so I haven't a clue what miracles they are supposed to have performed.  I bet there is a perfectly rational explanation for any "miracles" though….

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