Talk about the inevitable!

Once our gubmint passed one of their little laws giving them access to our pay and pension sources to grab their "home tax" it just had to follow that they couldn't resist the excuse to grab more.

Now Fatso Reilly is talking about introducing a "Mandatory Health Insurance" scheme, and if we don't want to join, then tough shit – they'll sign us up anyway and deduct the premiums from source.

They just can't resist the temptation, can they?

I have my own health insurance.  I am forced to pay the gubmint's "Universal Social Charge" every month towards healhcare but I trust the health service about as far as I could throw Fatso, so I have private insurance so I can get my treatment without having to wait a couple of years, or be forced to sleep on trollies in the A&E departments.  That private insurance costs me and it costs me very dearly.  We are talking four figure sums per year.  God help us if Fatso gains control of that as I can easily see it growing to five figure sums.

There are those who will say that health insurance is like car insurance, but there is one massive difference – car insurance covers third parties whereas health insurance is first party cover only.  If Joe Bloggs runs me over in his uninsured car then I have to pay the costs, which is not right, but if Joe Bloggs drops with a dickey heart and is uninsured, well that's his problem.  So I choose to cover myself and Herself with insurance because it is my choice to protect us.  I choose to do it, and it is no one else's business.

So Fatso Reilly can take his Mandatory Health Insurance and wrap it up on broken glass and barbed wire.

Then he can shove it up his arse.

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Inevitability — 11 Comments

    • That’s all the same liberal minded bullshit that got us into the mess we are in If that’s our salvation then we are truely lost

  1. It looks like they are running out of ways to tax us so they are starting on the double taxation scams now.  Who or what has been paying for the current health system / water infrastructure / councils until now ?… yep that's right … us!



    The next tax up will be the mandatory "Security Tax," to pay the Gardai. This would naturally be followed by the "National Defense Tax," for the army (especially on EU duty). 

    I confidently predict that both of these taxes will rise dramatically in a very short time due to the fact that thousands of us wil be out roaming, looking for politicians, (or their families), to string up.

  3. Actually, I heard a rumor today from a guy who has two friends in the Gardai, (well, that's how these things start, e.g.; ETS etc).

    Anyway, according to the barroom scribe, overtime for the thin blue line has been slashed but not abolished. But, to get the nod for the extra lucrative hours, you have to have collected a minimum of €XXX,000 in fines the previous month. 

    The road traffic crowd are cleaning up it seems.

    • That has a horrible ring of truth about it.  More of those fucking "safety cameras" which are nothing less than mobile cash machines for the Gardai.

  4. Sounds like you and my wife have a lot in common with two exceptions.

    1. She absolutely refuses all health care of any kind whatsoever and that includes both private and mandatory health insurance. And she will not pay any annual penalty tax for not having any.

    2. Um…well…she's a woman.

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