I had a strange experience this morning.

Went to bed last night and had a grand sleep.

Woke up this morning, but instead of being in bed, I was in my armchair, fully dressed.

This confused me for a moment, so I had to try to work out what happened.

The first thing I noticed was that I have a plaster stuck in the crook of my elbow.  That definitely wasn’t there last night.  Then I vaguely recalled something about an alarm call, so I checked my mobile phone [which in fairness is more of a mobile alarm with an added bonus function of being a phone].  Sure enough, there it was – I had set my alarm for the ungodly hour of half eight, with a note that I had an appointment to see Doc.

It all came back to me.

Indeed I had got up.  I had driven down to the village.  I had my appointment with Doc who wanted to take some blood tests [he’s checking me for Kennel Cough again].  I bought some milk and came back home and carried on my sleep in my armchair.

It’s a trick I developed in my student days.  If I had to do something early in the morning [say, before 3pm] I used to only half wake myself up, do whatever it was and then go back to sleep again.  It appears I haven’t lost the knack.

It’s good that I retained something from my college days anyway?

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Sleepwalking — 9 Comments

  1. This post almost made my wife comment at my expense. Being a non-social type of person that she is, I find this astounding. A credit to you, my friend, that Herself nearly made her first comment on a blog post.

      • Oh, the younglings could have read it alright but I'm sworn to secrecy otherwise. Actually, I pretty much forgot what she told me (typical of me) as my memory is only good for 18 hours or so…or 18 minutes depending on how I'm feeling and how far back I took my medication.

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