I can only assume they had bad memories.

All those disciples, bishops and other assorted Christians sitting around a table trying to write The Bible [or “Christianity for Dummies” as one of them wanted to call it], and not one of them could remember the date of the Resurrection?

They even argued the toss for a few weeks trying to decide which day of the week it had been before deciding it was a Sunday.

But which Sunday?

They remembered that it was Spring all right as they had had to change their clocks and watches beforehand, but that only narrowed it down to a Sunday after the Spring Equinox.

Then someone remembered that there had been a full moon a few days beforehand as he had been out with his missus one night and she had gotten all romantic.

And so it was decided.

Easter was the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

Easy peasy.

Much more memorable than a simple date?

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Fixing Easter — 10 Comments

  1. And a very happy EaStEr to you too, Rhodester or RhodesTer or Dave or David or whatever you’re calling yourself these days.

    InisEanna – Did anyone tell you that you are sick?

  2. The various authors were probably badly hungover. They consumed more blood than body in those days I understand. Happy Easter to all those that believe in rabbits who who hide eggs around about your premises. And anything else you may believe as well.

  3. The Celtic Irish church fixed Easter differently, so the pope in Rome (a Sassenach called Adrian) supported the first English invasion of Ireland to sort out that anomaly. The rest is history, as they say…
    Funny thing is that FF, Sinn Fein and other nationalist parties have never put an independently-fixed Irish Easter on their party agendas. 

    But who introduced the Easter bunnies and their outa-control breeding habits? And do chocolate eggs make them more fertile and fatter?

  4. Over here we haven’t had Easter yet.  Greek Orthodox Easter is next weekend so that’s even more confusing.   Sometimes they’re on the same day, sometimes they’re not.  We dye hen’s eggs red and make stew from unpleasant parts of the lamb we’re going to spit-roast on Sunday.  Each to his own I suppose.

    Καλὀ Πἀσχα


  5. Are the people of Greeche going to have a Christmas at the end of this year? Their financial system looks like it’s on the verge of collapse. And I wonder about an Irish Christmas…

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