The Last Furlong
Claudia Wypych, Tourrettes Var artist, 2017 Post two
7 hours ago

For the Faint Hearted
You’re beautiful
12 hours ago

Magnumlady's Blog
Sligo Global Kitchen
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Bolton Smokers Club
Pueblo: A Class Rolling Tobacco
1 day ago

Michele Neylon :: Pensieri
Buying a new Dishwasher and a new Washing Machine
1 day ago

3 days ago

Let's Express
PENNY-PINCHING GAA, (and the huge untapped potential).
5 days ago

That Got Me Thinking
If it ain’t broke…..
20 days ago

K8 the GR8
accurate puke
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The Mad Trouts
This is Why I Knit Socks
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Going Like Sixty
After S*Town podcast, deathly silence at our house
55 days ago

A Pipe and a Keyboard
Keeping up to date
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Just Thinkin
Friday the 13th
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Rantings Diversified
The Halcyon Days
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Forest Ireland
Don’t ignite your e-cigs.
153 days ago

Captain Ranty
I'm Outta Here    Rest in peace, Cap'n