An excremental affection — 5 Comments

  1. My Dad had a little dachshund bitch in the Fifties, took her with him most places. One day he went out without her and when he got back and put his tall army boots on he found she’d pissed in one, small as she was – must have backed up to do it.

    • Sandy, our previous dog had a couple of ways of showing annoyance at being left at home. One was to find a waste papper basket and upend it on the floor. The other strange one was that she’d grab a loaf of bread, bring it through to the front of the house and leave it [unharmed] in the middle of the floor.

    • Thanks Ian. Things seem to be back to normal again. I only found one small [solid dry] poo in the house yesterday. I can handle that [well, not literally] so her system seems to be back in balance again.

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