Throwing toys out of the pram — 12 Comments

    • I don’t know where you got that idea? Maybe if I mentioned the family distrust of my choice of spouse? She is after all someone of “dubious ethnicity” [i.e. She’s from Galway which is pure Culchie].

  1. I’m sure the world needs to know if and on what appendage you got frostbite – or maybe best not?

  2. Write your memoirs.
    Stick the tome in a cupboard for five or ten years and then read it.
    If you laugh it might be worth publishing.
    If you cringe, put it back in the cupboard.
    But do write them. Even if just for your descendants.

    • That is an excellent suggestion. It’s cheering to see someone is confident that I have at least ten years to go? One way or another, what I have written to date should be enough to gave a taste of life in the last century…

  3. Writing your memoirs for the family is good. You get to put your version out there to serve as the basis for endless arguments.

  4. Some errant prince came to a sticky (red hot poker) end in the past. It would be a shame to deny us the never-ending amusement of Schadenfreude, but, hey, insult your future King and expect such treatment.

  5. Would it make it more interesting if you and your brother had a different father? Or your uncle had a penchant for teenage girls?

  6. I could/should put something down about my family. Case in point, my Grandad was a cavalryman in the 1st World War, eventually died of shrapnel wounds from WW1 in 1954 and his sword hung in the lobby until the 70s. Sometime in the 60s an Uncle was punched and knocked out by a customer at the bar across the road, so my Granny came into the pub, with thw sword and stabbed the guy that knocked out my uncle. Somehow the police let her off !

    • That alone is enough for a biography? I have seen many biographies written around far less.

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