I remember it well — 9 Comments

    • I bet it was about that time that we were heading out on a fishing trip and, hold on; that wasn’t you, was it?
      (This is somewhat embarrassing.)

      My apologies Mudplugger.

      • By coincidence, there is a fishing trophy bearing my name for which local anglers compete annually. So maybe it was me after all . . .

        I’d apologise to you but I’ve forgotten your name already.

        • I understand completely. My “Golden Years” seem more and more like Cast Iron as the months pass.

  1. Minkowski, I think it was, suggested time happened all at once, and that past present and future were a matter of convenience. So the tablets staring at you could have been the ones for tomorrow.

  2. Things are clearly worse than you think. Your mind is protecting you.

    There are three types of memory and then you list four. Maths is on its way out as well.

    The making the tea one though is Gods way of saving your memory space. It clears out your short term memory regarding boring things. My CPU does this as well as it wipes conversations with boring people immediately after they leave or hang up.

    The false memory is interesting though. Most times it is repetitive tasks that get interrupted and you then forget about because you do that at 1000 or something. However, there are times when I’m convinced I’ve done something only to find out later I haven’t. There was even something I dreamed about in a fevered dream, thought it was real but eventually I thought what are the chances Rachel Riley would get jiggy jiggy with me so was brought down to earth with a bump.

    Looking at your list and ticking them off shows me that I’m in the same position as you. Bugger.

    • I wondered if anyone would be pedantic enough to claim I miscounted.. My first category has two subcategories which don’t warrant a top place. Conscious memory is the main one and short term/long term are just arbitrary classes.

  3. I’ve been there many times too – I just say Fuckit and have them anyway .. a double dose often gets me through the night without repeated stumbles to the heads.

    • Some things I can double up on but others I’m wary of. I have discovered to my cost that increasing a dose just leads to a permanent increase. I want to get off ’em and not on ’em.

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