What was the Title of this again? — 5 Comments

  1. Same memory issue here Grandad. When we first moved here after retirement, I had to carry a small notebook around to keep track of who I met and what house they were in. It is frustrating as hell.

  2. One thing I read (and it rang true) about remembering people’s names, was that when you’re introduced to somebody you concentrate on your own name, making sure they pronounce it correctly.
    E.g. “John this is Frank, Frank this is John” I hear “……..Frank……Frank………”, think “Oh good, they got my name right” and spend the next hour waiting for somebody to address this unidentified person by name so I can know who he is. 🙂

  3. It’s raining. Your wife is banging at the front door and your dog is barking at the back door. Which door do you go to first?

    The back door as the dog will be happy to see you and shut up when it gets in.

  4. Ha, ha!

    An old woman in the North used to use processes of association to try to remember things. She tied my surname Poulton to poultry and the next time she recalled it called me Mr Fowler!

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