A stab in the dark — 11 Comments

  1. As so many countries are now placing restrictions on the non-vaccinated, banning them from restaurants, bars, other public venues, there’s a spooky parallel with how smokers were excluded a decade or so ago. Because they got away with that blatant constraint on civil liberties without a murmur, should we be surprised when they play the same card again?

    To paraphrase Martin Niemoller, first they came for the smokers but I didn’t speak out because I didn’t smoke, then they came for the unvaccinated but I didn’t speak out because I’d had the jabs . . . . . . how far will we let them go with that approach?

  2. This BS is never going to end. In Australia they are using the army to take the unvaccinated to special camps.

      • It’s currently only in Northern Territories, although Brother in law tells us he can’t get out of Queensland to do his job at the moment. Apparently the local government are tracking down people who ‘might’ have been exposed and putting them into a ‘transit’ facility with other ‘undesirables’. Even if they’re already self-isolating.

        Personally I think the Amish in the USA have it right.

  3. Only 76% of Ireland is fully vaccinated if you include children, Eastern Europeans and those who’ve only had one shot so far. Apparently that’s who is taking up all our hospital beds.. People from Eastern Europe, because of their distrust of their own government. There’s so much hate and vitriol. Until recently, there was a crackdown on cyberbullying, racist hatespeech and name calling but now it’s actively encouraged. The same people who are calling vax hesitant ‘retards who deserve to be denied healthcare and die’ are out spreading this disease around thinking they’re invincible because they’re being encouraged to embrace normality as their reward for being a responsible citizen. None of it makes ANY SENSE!!

    • The latest figures I have are 92.1% of all over 12 have one shot, 90.5% fully vaccinated and 13.9% have the booster. They are the official numbers which probably means they’re incorrect. A quarter of ICU admissions were foreign nationals.

      So there you have it – all the problems are down to those evil monsters who are unvaccinated and in particular all dem forreners,

  4. “They say that somewhere around 60% of ICU victims are unvaccinated…”
    Maybe true, maybe not. Difficult to tell in these days where narrative often trumps truth and actual data doesn’t count for much. We’ve had similar claims in the UK that turned out to be false – see today’s for one example.

    • Another report says that 62% of infections are in the vaccinated. I have said it all along – they play around too much with numbers and statistics, with the greatest danger being their “mathematical models”.

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