Come back in three months — 8 Comments

  1. Remember back when the consumer was king? It seems we have been demoted.

    “You will get it when you get it.”

    • So we are already too late for a Halloween shopping panic.
      Feck off, yer Treats are stuck in Suez.

  2. I stopped off at a garden centre in Gloucester last week as we wanted a spot of lunch and this place had a cafe, before making our way to the test centre. And they were putting up their Christmas display… FFS!

    • It works much the same over here. The events of this past year have left me pretty well jollied out. If not for the grandkids, I’d have little care for the holidays this season.

  3. I like the Lyric FM practice of refusing to play Christmas music until the culchie Christmas on 8th December. All ads should be banned until ‘Hail Annie, God’s granny day.’

  4. Don’t forget the one person over in Guangdong, China who managed to get a positive PCR-test which led to the shutdown of the fourth biggest container port worldwide (Yantian, Shenzhen, border to Hong Kong). Because of ONE! positive PCR-test – which, as everybody and his uncle should know by now, principally cannot (I repeat: cannot) detect infection and infectiousness.

    Oh, and by the way, even the WHO admitted (I think it was in January or February) that asymptomatic infection isn’t relevant. That was what Ms van Kerkhoven had to say a day after she had said that asymptomatic infection doesn’t occur. Oh, and the WHO also recommended already in the beginning of this year to not test asymptomatic people. Strange huh?

    But as we all know, all that is only fake news and disinformation by covidiots and conspiracy theorists.

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