Pride after a fall — 14 Comments

  1. I am of the opinion, Cortana was named after some software engineer's girlfriend after a bad breakup.

    It should've been named "Gus", with a rough, gravelly voice that barked orders and hurled insults rather than make suggestions.

    • It was just a teeny weeny itsy bitsy tweak to the GRUB setting.  Linux was quite happy about it but of course Windows had to throw a hissy-fit and crash everything.   Fucking primadonna.

  2. James, First, Software Engineer, like Social Scientist is an oxymoron.

    Third. Software guys never lose their girlfriends. They just hold the Computer ON button in for seven seconds and back she comes, exactly as when first met and no memory of bad habits.


  3. Oh dear. If I had only known. Linux Mint 20/20.1 has a "Restore Grub" app thingy where you boot up said laptop into a live session from the thumb drive (whatever) that holds your Linux Mint image and use that app thingy to restore grub and you probably would have been set.

    Could you possibly screw it up again and try that just to see if it works? I mean, you've already backed everything  up after all.

    • Ahem!  [*cough*]  That little utility is what screwed the system up in the first place!!  And I couldn't find any solutions on the Interweb so had to do The Drastic and reinstall everything.

      Incidentally, I'm still having problems.  When I power up I usually get a "grub>" prompt, or the boot menu.  Choosing Mint in the latter I get an "error: program not found".  The only solution is to keep doing Ctrl+Alt+Delete until I finally get through which is more than a tad frustrating.  I'm considering the Ultimate Solution – reformat the entire disk and start from a virginal machine.

      • Now that's a bit odd that it didn't work. If you do pick the Ultimate Solution are you going to attempt both Mint and Windows or just stick to one? Inquiring mind wishes to know.


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