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    The only answer I can think of is that they are concentrating on numbers and only numbers. They see their precious R number rising or the number of cases per 100,000 going up and they panic.

    It's all they have!

    • Maybe so but they don't seem to be able to see those numbers in any sort of context.  They are just playing around with statistics, working out percentages and trying to make statistical predictions.  I can't find any figures that show any form of optimism,  What is the recovery rate of hospital patients?  What is the Excess Mortality Rate?  How many ICU places are available?  Probably the most important figure of all – what is the cost to society per death?

      What is the relevance of the vast majority of their figures?

  2. The big "if" is whether the numbers are accurate.

    Even the inventor/developer of the RT-PCR test said it was intended only for in-hospital analysis of people's symptoms and was unsuitable for screening purposes, especially in the symptom-less.  So it's not impossible the rise in positive test results is partially false – test 100,000 people with a test that's only 99.9% accurate and you'll find 100 people whose results are positive.  (And since the false positive amount may be up to 0.5%, that's now 500 false results in 100,000.)

    One other reason is the reluctance of these mini-Hitlers to relinquish their power over a mainly-placid populace.  Having seen how easy it's been to herd vast numbers of otherwise healthy and active people into submissive drones, 'they' want to hold on to their control.  Bastards one and all!

  3. I think the key is definitely the excess death figures. Those in the UK mirror yours, and they show few excess deaths other than during the first wave. Something is distinctly fishy- I tend to the idea that the politicos are actually terror-stricken at the thought they might be held responsible for (so to speak) killing off us oldies. 
    But as you so rightly point out, it’s (by pandemic standards) a VERY weedy virus, whose main victims are, by-and-large, the (very sadly) very ill and likely to die. 
    And for that, we have trashed our economy, lost countless jobs, deferred operations and cancer treatments, and in likelihood done more damage than the virus.

    And that is true of most of the West. It’s as if the Chinese had known what they were doing all along…..

  4. The UK Government are taking advice from clowns who in the past predicted ……………………

    150,000 people could die of Foot and Mouth (the final toll was around 200)

    Up to 50,000 people in the UK could die of human variant CJD after exposure to BSE (in reality, 177)

    Up to 150 million deaths from bird flu. Reality: 282

    Up to 65,000 from swine flu. Reality: 457.



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