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  1. My suggestion is to test the vaccines on useless members of our society. You know, politicians, (un)civil servants, lawyers, travel agents. The sort of people we would put on the B Ark.


  2. In future one of the questions on the Blood Donor form a!long with "Have you paid for sex? Have you had a tattoo? Have you ever visited the Peoples Republic of Bongo-Bongo?" Will be "Have you ever had the Covid 19  vaccine?"

     The Aussies will not accept good British blood because of the time honoured custom of feeding chicken shit and offal to cows and making them mad, and those who eat the cows.

  3. Legiron – underdogs bite upwards – who's a biochemist with extensive knowledge of such things, says avoid this 'vaccine' as it's using a new method with unknown long-term consequences.

  4. Did you see where a poor chap in the UK fell off his roof when doing some work, death was registered as caused by covid  19.                                 How can they say they have a vaccine when it takes 5 years in testing.


    • Captain, I don't see much UK news here in the states but I'd bet if that fellow would have had a pipe in his pocket, it would have taken a few days to decide whether it was covid or smoking related. 

  5. I shall be vaccinated when I get my chance. At my age and comorbidities I am near the top of the risk caregories. I have already made my peace with the risks of Covid and the same with long term vaccination risks too.

    • Welcome Discovered!  I too am not bothered particularly about the Virus.  What can side effects do to me that age already hasn't done?

  6. I'm sure the VA clinic here in town will be harping on me to come in and get stabbed as soon as a vaccine is available since I'm one of those "at risk" individuals myself. Very "at risk" to be truthful. Considering I feel like shit already I doubt any new vaccine could make me feel worse. Maybe then I can stop wearing these damn masks, right after I receive my "immuned" brand.

    Can't wait for the medicos to come after my wife though. She'll fight 'em tooth and nail plus…she's well armed!

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