Bastard words — 8 Comments

  1. The word "staycation" reared it's ugly head over here as well but it didn't live long. People en mass rose up as if the term caused some sort of horrible mental spasm, and rushed out to club and stomp it into the ground until it was unrecognizable…

    …and it will probably end up in the damn dictionary nonetheless. 

  2. Cliff Richard's "Summer Holiday" was not a hit to my 12-year-old ears in 1963. He wasn't the Beatles. However, the song's apparently carefree innocence makes a telling contrast to today's Covid-style holiday, whose only virtue would appear to be the name "holiday", all of the rest of it best summed up by the word ordeal. If you must wear a mask and observe "distancing" anywhere outside of the home, on holiday or not, then the best holiday camp is your parlour, not a Greek island where police reinforcements are called for to break up non-distancing-compliant parties, for instance. I am myself convinced that masks and distancing should be scrapped and the disease allowed to take its toll in its own time. Historically, such menaces burn themselves out. The Great Plague of 1665-1666 in England may have fizzled out on account of the carriers, rats, developing immunity. One way or another, though, it did self-extinguish. Unless the human race is ripe for dissolution, so will Covid. Thus, maybe Cliff Richard had a point, driving a red double-decker bus abroad and "making [his] dreams come true," without a care. In any event, the evil of "distancing" can only be justified by a greater malaise. And, I cannot think of one.

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