It is all in the name — 3 Comments

  1. Not quite diverse enough storm names IMHO.

    One of the most popular boy's names is Mohammed in UK and (maybe)  Ireland  with various spellings cos we don't have a proper standard for transliterating between arabic and english.

    Mind you when some poor soul says "That Mo was a complete bastard" referring to a particularly bad storm it may not turn out too well.

    Ain't diversity grand?!?


  2. They are not storms. Read Beaufort scale.

    Often they have no effect here. The last one blew a small flowerpot over in our garden.

    We get really strong winds, which do damage to buildings, but do not have a name.

    I think that it is a Warble Gloaming (© Grandpa) thing. They will be able to tell us that the number of Storms per year is greater that any time in recorded history, so give us your money.

    Whatever, it all results in a growing contempt for 'science'.

  3. I think the reason they now name storms is actually to do with the ‘climate change’ and global warming agenda. Before, with no name for a storm, then we just experienced ‘bad weather’. Now, having named every storm, it gives them a significance out of all proportion to the true severity of the occurrence. Any minor spot of wet and windy weather is no longer described as such, it is ‘storm (insert name here)’. It draws a completely unjustified parallel in people’s minds with true tropical storms, and hurricanes, which ARE named.

    Therefore, our ‘betters’ in the climate change industry can drone on about the number and prevalence of these numerous storms (which in truth are so weedy that most people in the US, the tropics or the Caribbean would either not notice them or would laugh at them).

    All a part of their plan, I think…

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