The colours of insanity — 7 Comments

  1. Inclined to agree with you about scaremongering graph but assign the  responibility where it belongs, which is with the Irish Times as the graphic clearly shows. You wn't find that inappropriate sort of graphic on the Corona Dashboard which is where hard data are available 

    • Indeed, you're right.  They must have gotten the idea/graph from somewhere though?  It's unlikely [but possible] that they went to the trouble of tweaking the graph for their own purposes?

      • That graphing technique comes as part of the standard kit when you invoke 'Project Fear'.    Disreputable ain't the word for it.

  2. They never define what a "case" is, or how they discovered it.

    They just magically appear when needed.

    Gradually Sweden is getting mentioned. Soon it will result in awkward questions being asked. The pollies better get their scapegoats lined up.

    Meanwhile School Certificates create a diversion.

  3. I think its quite a comforting graph. The total cases has to increase, logically,  after the peak, and then, it remains rising very slowly as the number of new cases become less. I must have a different kind of brain to the rest of you. Well, it tells me something, at least. It tells me that as far as figures can say, there have been about 26000 total cases of Covid-19 and that daily counts fluctuate. And currently, they are rising. What article was this attached to? Whats misleading, though not purposefully, is that the count from the data doesn't actually reflect  the ACTUAL number of cases because that's something no one can ever know! 

    • I have no problem with the "Total" graph [even if it is a bit pointless].  The dotted "New cases" graph though gives the distinct impression that we are heading towards the same figures as last April when the panic was at its greatest.  In other words we should all be panicking again as the "second wave" has arrived.

      I can't find the original article but I don't think it was particularly relevant to the graph itself – just something they chucked in on a general Virus article.

  4. Yup, it's about the same over here although it varies from state to state. However it all boils down to ruined businesses and ruined lives. And it seems like "they" and their charts only count the total cases since this covid-19 crap began rather than graphing the cases reported on a weekly/monthly basis since it began. If they did then the graph would most likely show a steep plunge starting a month or two ago. Of course that kind of graph doesn't make the headlines does it?

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