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  1. Nothing like getting more help than you need.

    Is the trolley thing basically a padded chair on (electrically powered) wheels* that you control with a joy stick? if so, it has a rather huge  marine type gel cell battery plus two electric motors. If it's the smaller type with a hard plastic seat then it has a much smaller battery. The latter is also extremely uncomfortable.

    *You might notice that I didn't give in to my first urge to write, "electric chair on powered wheels…".

  2. “ … they all had one thing in common – they want to give me help”

    Now, wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who said that the most frightening nine words in the English language are: “We’re from the Government, and we’re here to help.” ??  Avoid at all costs!

  3. The problem is that the SARS-CoV-2 crisis has emptied the hospitals of all but those with the virus and there is nothing for most of the staff to do except make phone calls.

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