Bad timing — 10 Comments

  1. ..who would want to hear about something that happened half a century ago?

    most of us….

  2. Sadly, had you done your blog half a century ago nobody would have had home internet and we would have missed your words of wisdom. So it's the blurred memories or nothing. Perhaps you could have a weekly reminiscence spot?

    • But as soon as you got home interweb, just think of the great time you would have had reading back on the years you missed?

  3. Go for it! Oh, and no worries if you repeat yourself. These days I've got a memory like a sieve and a face to match so I won't notice the repetition.

    And thats a great idea from woodsy about the reminiscence spot, sometimes it's fun to look back at the "good ol days".


      • Aw, reminiscences would be good, but even a post every day is ok, whatever you write. It's rotten when I scroll through all me favourite bloggers and they haven't written anything for months. Yep, reminiscence spots – Tuesday's or any one day a week. Might spark a bit o discussion too. Keep it up granddad. Just cos your old 'eart skipped a beat, don't you dare think you can take it easy on here. Lots of us love to have a look at you every day

  4. "[anyone remember cable television?]"

    Yah, it's still alive and well in the USA. Better than satellite that's for sure.

    "I suppose I could reminisce about various events and encounters but they are all a bit of blur now."

    Sure, same with me but you're missing the point. No matter what you reminisce about or how accurate your recollection was (hell, you could make the whole thing up)–who would know the difference?

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