Anatomy of a heart attack — 10 Comments

    • On my first night at around midnight, I was lying there wondering what the fuck had just happened when in walked K8.  How she got in at that time of night is a mystery but she was a very welcome sight. 

  1. I’m not afraid of death as I have lived a good life, but worry about Herself. If I go then she is up Shit Creek and destined for a home somewhere.

    I'm the same sans my first heart attack (there's couple other things that could take me out though). I worry about my Honey. She's healthy enough although older than myself but if I go first she loses the house. So I take one day at a time and try not to project.

    All the best to you and herself from both of us.

    • I have always been one to take life a day at a time.  I rarely make plans beyond the next day so I'm not going to start worrying about next month or next year.  Whatever happens will happen.

      • SAME HERE, but I do have plans to take Mrs. Dave to the opera on the 21st, we have tickets and everything. It's Romeo and Juliette, the French version that Gadoud composed in 1867. Bet you never would have guessed I'm an opera snob.

        I was telling a friend about how excited I was to see the opera version of that play and he said, "Well that's fine, but keep in mind it STILL won't work out well for the two kids in the end."

        Yeah, it has a very depressing ending.

  2. It might extend your life for years – you know what to look for, what to avoid, and they will keep a close eye on you.

    • "they will keep a close eye on you"  So far, not a peep.  They were supposed to arrange all sorts of physiotherapy and stuff but I haven't heard a word.  They're probably glad to be rid of me.

  3. Glad you're still around, and I'm the same way with the other half and all of her chronic illness stuff she goes through. I read your post aloud to her and stated that I hoped she would go first, only so that I can care for her through the end, and I didn't want her to experience the devastation of losing me.

    She looked right at me and said, "Well that's fine, but don't get any bright ideas about me leaving anytime soon, I'm staying with you for a long, long time yet, Buster."

    I always know she's serious when she calls me 'Buster.'

    • Herself would kill me if I died first.  If I popped my clogs she would probably have to move to an old folks' home which she would detest.  It would also involve selling the house which would be devastating for the family.  Somehow I have to outlive her!

      • Eat lots of greens, get some exercise and for God's sake, STOP SMO…

        Okay, I couldn't even finish typing that, having snorted coffee all over my keyboard at the thought of it 😛

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