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  1. I envy you. You manage to be “intrigued”. Me? They disgust me, these busybodies and crazies who try to run everbody’s life according to their own narrow (and outrageous) ideas.
    I used to wonder why my parents always said something about the world getting crazier and crazier. Now I’m of an age to say the same thing. Is it just a question of age or a question of the world indeed getting crazier by the second?

    • The world has reached such a state of craziness that I have ceased to get wound up at any development.  Life is too short.  Anyway I think we may be approaching peak insanity so I am somewhat interested in what they’ll come up with next.

  2. That’s another potential destination off the list of where I plan to spend my millions.

      • I plan to go there as soon as the law is introduced.  Bring a crate of packs and flog ’em on the black market.  I should easily make enough profit to pay for the trip, and then some.

  3. Do these whackos really think that laws like this will stop people smoking? Laws like this will just mean new business opportunities for black marketers and new opportunities for empire builders in law enforcement and corruption. 

  4. If they think this is such a brilliant idea, why stop there? Use those guidelines for the sale of alcohol, to prevent the problems of alcoholism, and any product containing sugar or salt to combat obesity or kidney problems. I am sure the electorate will continue to happily vote for those introducing such laws.

  5. This is the new abolitionism, except with tobacco.
    As with alcohol outlawed a century ago, you simply create a lucrative black market and forcibly criminalise at least half (or more) the population. That creates all kinds of societal problems and after sufficient time the law gets banned when all the idiots in politics learnt their lesson. 

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