A strange feeling — 7 Comments

  1. Don’t be mean.  Get up at once and buy a new toy for her.  Then play with her for a while, feed her the favourite dish of the day, and show her how you feel about her.

    Oh, don’t throw the cat into the cold.  Cats have feelings too.

    • She doesn’t play with toys.  I filled her food dish.  She knows how I feel about her [usually].

      Cats have feelings?  Just no emotions….

      • What’s wrong with no toys for Penny?  Get her interested, that could be the problem.  But then taking her photograph is a gross intrusion into her privacy, so I’m not surprised she looked different afterwards.

        Cats are different.  They have many emotions, especially about dogs and humans.  They simply choose not to show them.  Remember, cats have servants, dogs have masters.

        • I have tried to get her interested in chasing and fetching.  Waste of time.  I throw something and she just looks at me as if to say “Well?  What now?  You don’t expect me to run after that, do you?”

  2. She’s just adoring you–maybe. Also, she probably wouldn’t mind a ride in the car so she can snooze the trip away in the back. (Yeah, I know I’m late on commenting but we’ve had 3 “snow events” already and it’s only November. Keeps us busy.)

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