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  1. Thank goodness it’s a technical problem – I spent two days thinking that I needed to dig out theoretical physics books to discover how one of my posts in your feed constantly showed as being two hours previously. I began to think you might be travelling at the speed of light so that time had stopped at the Manor!

    • It is a “function” of the Interweb, and it was a nightmare to crack.  I think I have done it now!

      Basically the system takes a copy of a page and serves it up if it hasn’t changed.  The way I cracked it [I think] is to force the links windows to look for a different file every time the page is refreshed.  However, the file names can’t change so I have told Rambles to look for a file called “file.php?cache=N” where N is always changing [in this case I have used the number of seconds since Jan 1st 1971!].  Rambles thinks it’s a different file and reloads it, ignoring the “?cache=N” bit.

      If that makes sense to then you’re a better man than I.

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