Gutenberg is spinning in his grave — 5 Comments

  1. Quit with yer grizzling! Some of us have REAL problems! Gmail are going to force me to change over to their ‘improved’ ‘with lots of cool features’ email next week. I still haven’t totally gotten over the last time they tore a hole in the space-time of my universe.

    • I’ll grizzle if I want.  My “trivial” little problem is going to hit the screens of tens of millions of viewers in the near future.  I’m preparing for a long siege.

      I never use the GMail site.  I pipe my GMail straight into Thunderbird.

      • Were I a conspiracy theorist, I would think that there is an attempt to make WordPress less accessible.

        I have been trying to use Gutenberg on my phone, and it is incredibly clunky and feels like a word processing programme circa 1998.

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