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    • Yer welcome!

      This is way beyond nuts.  Does that bloke seriously believe what he said?  A five year old would readily understand that it’s compete and obvious bullshit.  There again, people believe that smoke can travel through concrete walls and that opening a car window increases the amount of smoke inside the car.  Talk about zombies!

      • I’m sure he does beleive it. I’ve heard this claim before. Apparently smokers breathe filtered smoke, whereas passive smokers breathe the bad stuff from the other end that goes into the atmosphere

        Hearing the reason explained, makes it sound even more crackpot bullshit

        I tried a quick Google search and didn’t find a link, but there are a couple of TC websites saying that despite what we’ve heard, it’s actually NOT more harmful. Maybe it’s too crackpot for even some tobacco controllers

  1. for all the good it will do. But if I do get a reply (and a twitter ban no doubt to boot) I shall update yous.As a good judge once said in regard to a senior customs officer’s reasons for seizing honest folks’ tobacco: “The absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it”….actually now I think of it I should have put that quote in the tweet as well!

    • And here was I thinking you were exaggerating in your accounts of Norfolk folk.

      Peer reviewed evidence: “I heard it from a bloke down the pub”.

      • Norfolk, never underestimated the effects of 1000 + years of sleeping with your sister and/or livestock.

        OH FFS! That absurd quote was from James Wade not Michael Banham….so yet again I end up looking stupid. DUH!

        Hold on…or ‘hold yew hard’ as they say round here -Michael Banham? That surname tells me, as someone who grew up in rural Norfuck, all I need to know about the man’s heritage. Banham was (and still is to a large degree) a Sister Shagging, Cow ‘tipping’ (a Norfolk euphemism) hamlet of a handful of houses…often painted pink because they are so close to the border to England ( a visual warning to unwary travellers that they were now entering a region beyond the King’s writ and human wit).

        Although these days they have branched out into exotic animals and Banham Zoo is well known. Infact there is an infamous Norfolk Song “I’ve been banned, banned from Banham Zoo” (do I need to mention why the singer was banned from the zoo….and from Thriby Hall -also a Zoo- and the Dinosaur Adventure Park too?).

  2. [Grandad, if you want to update your original post with these and delete this comment please do] I have had some replies from SenseFree-sorry I mean ‘SmokeFree’ Norfolk. In ascending order (ie the 2nd screenshot is the later tweets). 

    I shall leave Grandad to comment on the replies although, as you might imagine, the ‘all about getting our facts right’ induced much SNORKing of coffee over dwarven keyboards.

    • and yes I realised too late to edit that it should have read ‘descending order’….

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