A little ray of sunshine — 4 Comments

  1. Aah the scent of summer, ambre solaire. In these parts east of your idyll the vest top is getting its first prolonged outing on both sexes. To be fair it does get a run out during the cold spells but only when dashing from house to car to the co-op and again in reverse order. God alone knows how hot these arseholes keep their houses.

    Still that’s life. Next up will be driving in flip flops, very popular round here, and ‘shades’ the darker the better sometimes worn over the eyes but more often on the top of the head.

  2. The past three days have been in the 90’s here with beautiful blue skies. Too hot too early. Even for me the old desert rat, it was too hot but today it’s back to reality. 70 degf and cloudy. It’s going to rain tonight and tomorrow. I had to put the hardtop back on the convertible. Boo hiss. I enjoy riding around topless. 🙂

    • It’s when the women start riding around topless that I get interested…….  😐

  3. Grandad,
    “I was tempted to do that hand flapping thing so beloved of anti-smokers.”
    I favour that strident tut-tutting sound so popular with non-smokers but, at my age, the lugging around, setting-up and rigging down of all the amplifier kit is getting to be a pain.


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