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  1. I get loads of emails promoting hard-on tablets.  Amazingly they started arriving on my 50th birthday and have continued ever since.  Maybe there is some sort of research that says that your dick suddenly fails to work on your 50th birthday.  I also get tinnitus emails although as a tinnitus sufferer I have to say that nothing I have ever seen or heard helps at all!

    • Welcome Busted [?]!  The Hard-Ons have been arriving for as long as I can remember and also a load of offers of Russian Brides [some of whom would probably negate any need for a pill?].

      The latest weirdness though is offers of vouchers.  They are all for $50, £50 or €50 and are generally “rewards” for shopping in places I have barely heard of.  I have certainly never been in a Walmart in my life so why are they sending me rewards?

      The answer to Tinnitus is simple – just learn to tune it out.  Works for me most of the time.

  2. I’ve had toenail fungus for many years.  It comes and goes, but has never invaded anywhere else.  Do you suspect a little overdone hype to try to sell you something?

  3. This brings back memories of visiting the USA in the 1990s, shortly after my niece was born; a jet-lagged aunt turns out to be just the thing for a household with a wakeful new baby so the infant and I spent a lot of nights watching TV.

    The ad breaks during these early-hours marathons were almost entirely devoted to convincing viewers to rush out and buy the latest treatment for backache/indigestion/piles etc – I suppose insomniacs are something of a soft target for miracle cures – and included frequent repeats of a paranoia-inducing commercial for nail fungus cream suggesting much the same as your ominous e-mail. It quite put me off my cocoa, I can tell you!

    Meanwhile, is it just me or is there something more than a little epic in the tale of Nine-toenailed Grandad and the Spike of Doom?


    Toenail fungus can be got rid of, but it takes a long time, particularly if you’ve left it long enough for it to reach right down to the bottom of the toenail.  I had a fungal infection in one of my big toenails for years and tried loads of over-the-counter remedies before I found one that worked for me (Boots’ own brand, if you’re interested).  Just for the record, a colleague of mine with the same problem went via the prescription pills route and said that didn’t work, either.  The main thing to remember is that even if you find a paint-on medication that works, it takes AGES and you have to persevere for a very, very long time and not give up hope (forget the promises that they all make of “seeing an improvement in two weeks” or whatever – that’s all rubbish).  I finally cleared mine after applying the treatment EVERY NIGHT WITHOUT FAIL for over three years – it had to be applied right up until the infection had completely grown out.  And toenails (as I now know) take a very, very long time to grow.

    But thick toenails don’t necessarily mean a fungal infection.  My little toenails, like yours, Gramps, grow as thick as they do long (sometimes more so), but that’s due to damage to the nail bed (wearing extraordinarily high stiletto heels for work for many years, in my case, but just badly fitting shoes or an injury will do it, too).  This, my wise chiropodist tells me, can’t be changed or “cured.”  Once they’re damaged so badly that they grow very thick, they stay that way and even surgical removal of the nail won’t make them grow back at normal thin-ness (as your experience indicates very clearly).  My solution is to file them down to a reasonable thin-ness using a rather nifty little electric gizmo (a bit like one of those Dremmel rotating tools) which I actually bought to file down our dog’s claws, but which the dog won’t let anywhere near her feet.  But it works perfectly on mine!

    Oh, and I get the hard-on sales pitch too – which shows a stunning lack of market research on behalf of these – err – “companies,” in view of the fact that I don’t happen to possess the necessary organ to get hard in the first place!



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