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    • No need to worry on my behalf.  I’m fine [apart from a certain lack of sleep].  It’s just family business that has been brewing for a long time and seems now to be coming to a head.  There is little anyone can do [unless you have a spare baseball bat?]

      • Kids (assuming that’s whats the cause of the bover) – they are so ungrateful these days.

        IMO Guinea pigs are so much better (or, if you don’t have any, a dog or cat).

        Anyway, as we say in Blighty “Cheer Up ! Things could be worse!”

        … Trouble is, if you do cheer up, often things *do* get worse 😉

        All the best anyway 🙂

    • It sounds to me like they hoped to sail the whole way to the North Pole, carried by a gentle tropical breeze, and were somewhat surprised to actually find ice there.

  1. Sorry to hear things are a bad at the moment. First I thought maybe my rotten neighbor and her relatives had moved in next door but seeing how she (and they) are still here, I guess not.

    As in all things, these too shall pass.

  2. You’re a wonderful spirit, Grandad.  You’re ornery, and it cheers me up.  My gratitude, and best wishes. Dream some nails into that baseball bat.

  3. Sorry to hear of the troubles, and glad to hear the project is coming together.

    I’ve been keeping up on things but with our own year of hell not much for comments, all sorted soon though.

    keep well and for close up range I find a rusty stabbing fork works well.

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