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  1. There is close correlation between the rise in lung cancer and the Green-inspired increase in diesel vehicles.  It’s well-known and proved by research that the black particulates (& some other combustion products) from diesel exhausts are carcinogenic when embedded deep in the lungs.  But we mustn’t rock the Green agenda of course, so the MSM suppress/do not report this.

    • Diesel fumes are apparently a Class A carcinogen, along with everything else in life according to the WHO.  However, they can’t claim that people are addicted to diesel engines, nor have Big Pharma a stake in petrol engines so the whole thing is quietly brushed under the carpet, along with toast crumbs and crispy chips.

      • Big Pharma a stake in petrol engines

        Not sure if you meant it sarcastically so forgive if I point out the bleeding obvious, it’s called the ‘Petro-Chemical Industry’ for a reason. I think the whole of the last century or so might, all that “World War” stuff, be described as a battle for market share between the two US giants Big Petro-Chemical-Pharma and Big Tobacco (both as bad as each and nay better nay worse as one might expect).

        and I note no-one felt the urge to even comment on my piece from yesterday. Pipe smoking Philistines! Away with the lot of yous , back to your tonka-geranium-rose petal flavoured -so weak it needs crutches to get it out the pouch- Condor and Clan shite. (just kidding, I would have been surprised if anyone had commented, it really was a shot in the dork).

        • Aha!  But they don’t make Diesel Patches to get you off the foul stuff?

          As for yesterday, you got a “retweet” or two on Twitter.  What more do you want?

        • I commented on your superb piece of yesterday.  Just a few minutes ago and before reading this post, as it happens. But on this subject, I think you’ll find that so called Big Tobacco is and always was minute compared to the pharmaceutical (or petro chemical)  industry. 

          • ” is and always was “- Tony

            Certainly since The War For Balkon Oil (aka WW2) ended yes, before then, less so and before WW1 no. But as The Bestes Frau In The World says ‘size isn’t everything’.

            ps thank you, kind sir, for the comment on the semois article. You have no idea of the amount of work that went into it…no not my work, I can dash off that sort of thing of an evening but for Granddad who had to convert it all by hand into a format WordPress would accept.

  2. “Since the effect of the anti-smoking campaign has been to prevent the genuine cause from being publicly acknowledged, there is a very real sense in which we could say that the main reason for those 30,000 deaths a year from lung cancer is the anti-smoking campaign itself”.

    Dr Kitty Little was convinced that LC had much more to do with diesel fumes than smoking.

    • There is also the other obvious side effect of the smoking/cancer scare – you visit the doctor with chest pains … Do you smoke?  If you do, then off for a battery of x-rays.  If you don’t then pull yourself together and get some cough medicine [while the cancer runs rampant in the non-smoking lungs].

      • I’m living proof of this. When I first started coughing up blood I did hie me to the GP. He was certain it was only a throat bleed but then he remembered I’m a 60 a day man….or rather, I suspect, when he got close enough to my mouth to shine his little torchy thing in, he smelt I was a smoker. He said as much, he said ‘as I was a smoker’ and that he’d better have the tests done. If it had been the never smoking Bestes Frau In The World he would have told her to take two paracetamol and go forth. Straight off X-ray I was sent, then after the x-ray and bloods and an ‘ill defined’ density in my lungs, instant CAT scan appointment etc etc etc. Within in a fortnight i’d had so many xrays and contrast fluids  I looked like the Ready Brek kids in the adverts of my childhood (“Do YOU want your kids to glow in the dark? Move to Windscale!”).

  3. My never-smoker OH has often said that the reason why the PTB have such a “downer” on smoking isn’t because it’s the deadly killer they make it out to be, but – quite the opposite – because it actually helps people live longer.  Now he’s no New World Order, “they’re all Eugenicists,” conspiracy-theorist, but he was saying this long before I met him (and we’ve been together for more than 20 years) because he’d grown up in the glory-smoking days of the 1960s-1980s and all the smokers he knew were as fit as fiddles and lived healthy, happy and hearty lives well into old age.  He believed (and still does) that the PTB actually wanted people to give up smoking so that they died off younger, because otherwise they’d have to be paid for – in pensions and care homes and healthcare – when they all got old, and they knew darned well they wouldn’t be able to afford to look after that many old people.  All this well before the pensions crisis, enforced raising of the retirement age and the current crisis in social care.  And now, here we are, with all those diseases which people thought they’d be giving the body-swerve to by avoiding both active and passive smoke, now on the rise at a somewhat alarming rate.  He must have been taking lessons from Mystic Meg (who remembers her, boys and girls?).  The only trouble is, now he’s looking very smug and saying “I told you so!” all over the place to all those nay-sayers who’ve poo-poohed his prophetic words over the years.

  4. No surprise to me, having had lung cancer I have loads of contact with others and there are dozens who have LC and never smoked or lived with smokers. Unfortunately as said above, it is not suspected and only found when it is too late. I tell my never smoking friends to say they used to smoke as that way they will get all the tests. It was always perfectly obvious that most smokers never got LC and lived a normal lifespan but TPTB ignored the evidence. Doubt they will admit anything now.

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