Barring Google — 6 Comments

  1. You know what I say about Google? Fuck ’em 😛

    Then again, at least their bots aren’t quite so overzealous as the BaiduSpiders and all those East-European script-kiddy (“scriddy”) I’ve mentioned before.

    • Google had three good innovations.  There was the search of course, their Feed Reader and Analytics.

      Then their search became a scraper for personal information so I dumped that in favour of IXQuick

      They scrapped their Reader for no reason whatsoever so now I used Feedly.

      I have never used Chrome and never will.

      The ony thing of theirs that I willingly still use is Analytics.

      The only reason I still use that is that it's the only yoke that has been running on this site since the start, so it's handy for historical comparisons.

  2. as you should! (I’d love to learn the successful upside down pint trick, when ever I tried the glass mysteriously is emptied before I can turn it over to do the trick)

    • Beer is grand for the trick as it makes a nice sticky mess when it goes all over the place, but water is nearly as effective [that's what I used].  For the trick to be really spectacular, chose a table or bar that has some kind of lip on the edge to stop the barman form sliding the pints off.

  3. I once got banned from the disco for piddling in the corner. In mitigation, I was stupid, young and drunk.

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