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  1. Desperation is setting in, and the bottom of the barrel is being scraped clean – in fact they're scraping so hard I fully expect them to end up going right through it to the empty void beyond.

    E-cigs have really sent them into a tizzy; all their carefully crafted lies are in danger of being exposed, and the harder they spin the more credibility they lose. It's really quite entertaining to watch. I'm rather hopeful that the advent of e-cigs will ultimately result in the discreditation and demise of the whole sorry shower that make up Tobacco Control. I sincerely hope it is a complete and humiliating rout. They deserve everything that's coming to them. And some.

    To suggest that buying a bike from that company is somehow going to force the person to later buy a car is so far beyond logic as to be laughable.

    Dunno GD. You could reasonably argue that bikes are a gateway to the evil of car ownership, since most kids who own bikes will go on to own cars. I think we should adopt the tried and tested precautionary principle and restrict bike ownership to the over-25s. Can't be too careful you know. Kids are very impressionable. In fact, given how potentially lethal cars are, I think we should ditch all the glitzy exterior stuff. I would propose legislation that all cars must have the same body shape (perhaps like a Trabant, or an Allegro) and all be painted the same shit brown colour. Matt finish. And no badging. We have to think of the cheeldren, you know. If it saves one life…etc etc.

    • I confess I share that same hope that their increasingly fanciful fairy tales will soon lead to their downfall.  The more shit they spout, the sooner they'll drown in it so let 'em have at it!

      Bad analogy about the cars, I grant.  Maybe I should have suggested that if Boeing made kites it would force cheeeldren into being pilots?

      They really ought to test those cars though before letting them loose on the general public.  Who knows but they could be full of deadly substances?  Maybe there are even "second hand cars" where innocent cheeeldren are exposed to shit?  You cannot be too careful?

  2. We don't seem to have any good way to counter these nightmare articles to the public. Is it because pharma advertises on main stream media?

    • It appears that the Huffington Post has had a twinge of conscience – The item [or most of it including that video] has been taken down.

      See here.

      The problem is that it will already have contributed to the damage.  If they had any decency they would put up an article countering the original [with an apology].  I'm not holding my breath though.

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