If you want to be saved then type AMEN — 8 Comments

  1. The firefighter could start a new career in horror movies. He'd be great for the make-up department.

    • Looks like Aaron Eckhart, who two years previous to this was starring in a Tobacco Control propaganda piece called "Thank You for Smoking", playing a cynical tobacco lobbyist who believes every TC lie (including SHS) under the sun. Instead of that convenient fiction, a really scary horror movie could draw its inspiration from our nightmarish real world, where Tobacco Big Wheels cannot but be fully aware of their product's near-innocuous nature, even as they witness the endlessly developing insanity. And what an eye-opener it would prove to most people!

  2. Wasn't there a story with Tinkerbell, or whatever her name was, who said that every time someone said that they didn't believe in fairies, one of them died and that people had to clap their hands to ensure Tinkerbell lost no more of her friends?

    I assume a lack of "amens" will have a similarly devastating impact

    • One story I have managed to avoid all my life is Peter Pan.  Never read the book and have never seen a film.  I don't know why.

      So not typing AMEN kills an angel?  An interesting concept.  There again they could stock up again every Sunday, unless the rule only applies to Twitter or Farcebook.

  3. "chronically sick people died as a result?" Do such people still exist? Since the health folks only seem to concentrate on made-up "problems" and epidemics,  I have wrongly assumed real illnesses had all been cured.   Amen.

    • There is one disease that is reaching pandemic proportions, and that's Gullibility.  Unfortunately there appears to be no cure for that.

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