The art of grooming — 5 Comments

  1. 1.Scratch your scalp –  I scratch my head when I'm thinking about New Research Findings i.e. often

    2. Go easy on the cologne –  I take several sachets of shampoo, toothpaste & and soap from hotel rooms before checking     out.

    As a result of my healthy habits, I have no lice in my hair and I smell beautiful.

    • I was in a queue at the chemist's a while ago.  I couldn't remember what I had gone in for and started scratching my head [as a sort of reflex action].  The assistant shouted out "Wassup, Grandad? Forgotten what you came in for?" I shouted back "headlice".  Amazing how everyone else in the queue suddenly decided how their purchases suddenly weren't that important.  I bought my aspirin and left.

  2. Well when I read articles proclaiming to the effete and decadent how men should feminise themselves  I always recall that old American saying "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on".

    Had to laugh I had chance to visit a coach/bus garage recently and chatted to the old timer happily smoking a roll up whilst grubbing round in the oily innards of a diesel engine.  I don't think either his overalls or flat cap had ever been exposed to a washing machine let alone Daz.

    His finger nails were so oiled up you could have set up an oil rig to extract the fossil fuel bounty ingrained in there.

    I think if you suggested to him oiling his moustache and working out, whilst treating his body as a temple he'd have used that well turned phrase too 😀



    • Sounds like you met my old pal Spanner!

      My guess that all these "modern men" spend so much time poncing themselves up and worrying about their health that they never get around to even seeing a diesel engine, let alone working out how it operates.

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