Pluralist my arse

Our gubmint is "looking into" allowing pubs open on Good Friday.

Not only is it about time, but it really shouldn't be any of their fucking business in the first place.

This Good Friday lark harks back to the black days when Ireland was priest ridden, and any law had to be cleared by the Archbishop before it went to the vote.  He demanded that pubs be closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day and so it became the law of the land.

Those days are mercifully gone but some vestiges remain.  It's time the stains of the Bad Old Days were erased.  If pubs want to open every day of the year then that should be up to them.

Another remnant I would love to see abolished is the Bongs at Six.  At six in the evening RTE radio and television suspend normality and subject us to "The Angelus".  This consists of a dreary monotonous bell droning for a minute, supposedly to give us a chance to pray or "reflect".  It is one of the most depressing sounds imaginable, and is a mockery of our claims to be pluralist.

For those who want to see this relic of the past retained, I would ask how they would feel if a mosque were to be built in their neighbourhood and for them to be subjected to the horrible wail of a Muezzin yelling into a microphone at regular intervals.  They would be quick enough to complain, yet there is precious little difference.

Apart from anything else, that Angelus thing fucks up my Sky Box.  The television program before six ends at six, but the News doesn't come on until a minute past, so this leaves a black hole in the schedules which fucks up the programming.  If I switch on the television at six and select RTE it doesn't know what to do and asks me if I want to set a reminder for a programme that according to the on-screen schedule is already running.

If people want to pray at six, then that is fine by me.  Feel free.  I won't object.  Just do it quietly and don't subject me to your tacky little video vignettes and that ghastly sound.

If they wish to abstain from the demon drink on a Good Friday then that is fine by me too.  I just don't see why I should be banished from the pub just to satisfy their cravings for religious relief.

Or could it be that the gubmint is still scared of a belt of the crozier?

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Pluralist my arse — 10 Comments

  1. Sounds wonderful, but it could become somewhat boring if there were the same pictures each day.


    P.S.   I did not know that you had a ratio of two foreigners to five Irish.

    • If they added a bit of harmony and a drop of syncopation it might be more tolerable.  If it even had a fucking air to it!!  It's monotonous and dreary in the extreme.

      Two foreigners to five Irish?  Wouldn't surprise me.  Though during the boom years we must have had about five foreigners for every two Irish.   

  2. Being one of the foreigners, I am baffled by licensing hours in Ireland. They were introduced in the British Government's Defence of the Realm Act in 1914, a realm that Ireland left in 1922.

    The British repealed restrictions in 2005.

    • It used to be really confusing when they had "the holy hour" where pubs closed for an hour every afternoon [and two hours on Sundays.  They then closed at 11 [or 11:30 in Summer] every night except Sundays when they closed at ten.  Unless you knew the right pubs, of course…..!

  3. Opening on Good Friday will certainly benefit weary travellerscoming home for their Easter hols; but the publicans will need another closed day for annual renovations to their establishments. They can't do this on Christmas Day as they and families need to relax and get the bloody turkeys cooked etc.  Can you suggest another closed pubs day to replace GF? About the bong-bongs on RTE at 6pm every evening – I don't recommend abolition, but variation in tone along with the existing artistic variation. Musical specialists could be called in as consultants.

    • You mean the entire country has to go on the dry so a couple of pubs can redecorate?  Most of the places I frequent haven't seen a lick of paint since God was a child.  Nah.  Bad excuse.

      I completely agree about the Bongs.  A bit of an air to them with a drop or two of harmony would go down well.  They'd need to up the beat a bit too.

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