The Cults that are the Offended — 14 Comments

  1. This is your owners speaking, oops, this is your government speaking…

    this is what you have to pay attention too today…

    phew! we don't want any of that original thinking shit re surfacing…

    pip pip carry on squiffy as you were,,,drugged, asleep, ignorant etc

  2. ha it gets more surreal by the second

    Former Fine Gael junior minister calls for a ‘reboot’ of Ireland

    • in other news

      Bono reveals he may never play guitar again

      U2 singer cancels all public appearances for half of 2015 as he recovers from bike accident

      either thats worth a fuck me or a thank fuck for that..depends where you sit


  3. About comparing twitter to graffiti. A good comparison. Now some doodles and cartoons on walls and building site hoardings are pretty sharp, others just crude expectoration. We already have Grafton Street as the Busking Street of Europe. I'd like to suggest a Graffiti Street as a counter cultural attraction. The shop owners and the Corpo could set aside some specially constructed walls and easiboard structures along a street for quipsters and would-be Banksy wall artists to furtively apply their inscriptions and artistic leanings. Every month these decorative edifices would be painted over in white to make way for  a new wave of self expressions. An annual international competition could be held in spring or autumn. The tourist potential is elastic. Now what streets might vie for designation as the world's first great Graffiti Street? I have one veto to impose – absolutely no involvement in this innovatory cultural project by the Arts Council, the Royal Hibernian Art Academy Failte Ireland or the government of North Korea.

    • But we have walls that apparently are dedicated to graffiti.  We call them Flyovers, Hoardings, Private Walls, Shopfronts and a whole lot of other things.  I don't think the tourists are too impressed though.

    • Welcome evilC!  [What does the 'C' stand for, dare I ask?  Heh!]

      Yes that is an offence.  Though it's probably not an offence to call the police [or anyone else for that matter] a shower of kunts because there is no 'c' there?

      • Yeah, I know. It was just the best C word I could come up with on short notice that didn't involve a "unt" after it. I really dislike following the crowd you know. Perhaps I'm just a silly bunt that's the way I am.

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