It’s a snip — 13 Comments

  1. Without meaning offense to anyone in your fine family, a woman having her "tubes tied" vs a man getting a vasectomy is not only a hell of a lot less invasive and painful and permanent–it's also reversible.

    Yet on the other side of the coin, mentioning to your son-in-law that it's World Vasectomy Day would be a hell of a lot more fun?

    • I wonder if there's a World Hysterectomy Day?  And if not, why not?  Discrimination again….

  2. Of course discussing "world vasectomy day" with your SIL while holding a knife, machete, hatchet, or perhaps a small axe would be entertaining.  

  3. Had the snip in 1975 after child No.2.  Medical opinion was wife could die if undergoing another pregnancy , so no real choice. However, was a real bonus with many later mistresses.  A few days of "walking funny" were well repaid.

    • I got it done in '88 after my fourth accident was born. "Enough's enough" I said to myself. "If I carry on at this rate, I'll be able to field a mixed football team by the time I'm 65".

      As you say, BD, there are certainly advantages. 😉

  4. Strange that I didn't see any cards celebrating this day for sale in Hallmark

    It can't be official until they are promoting the day……..

  5. Valentine's Day greeting cards have red hearts and pictures of a cherubic Cupid shooting arrows. What symbols and pictures should adorn Vasectomy Day cards? What cheerful, intimate slogans?

  6. There used to be ads (in Private Eye, I think) for neckties proclaiming the wearer had undergone the surgical procedure

    • Why would anyone want to advertise?  Do they reckon it improves their chances of a one night stand?

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