The Garth Brooks Five — 10 Comments

  1. Calling Garth Brooks a third rate musician is an insult to all third rate musicians!

    What's up with all this anyway?  I thought this country music crap was a piece of American crap.  I never realized that it went beyond our shores.

  2. Just how long have the Aikens been in this business.

    Selling tickets months before looking for permission was stupid on any scale,

    Maybe they thought if they left it to the last second to apply they couldn't get refused.

    • It was a cock-up on an industrial scale. 

      Aiken is now stating he "was 'very disappointed' for the fans who intended to go".  I'd say he is far more disappointed at having to hand all that lovely cash back?

    • Sham,that's how the developers operated during the boom(which led to the great BOOM)-build first then apply retrospectively for planning permission on the basis that "we have da fookin thing built now,they'll hardly make us knock it"

  3. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say I like Garth Brooks. And country music in general. I might even fork out for a ticket if he was playing in our area.

    • Now's your chance.  Bang him off an email and ask him to call into your neck of the woods.  I can guarantee he has five free days at the end of this month!

  4. Johnny Cash was a distinctive country singer, and he played the guitar well too. But I'm a bit of a cultural sniffysnob –  I do rather fancy JS Bach set to electric violin jazz, as done by some group in Sydney whose name eludes me on this sunny morning in the far east. But chacun a son gout, as the eveque said to the non-jazzy actrice. Garth Brooks may have talent and jaded sex appeal, for all I know. His promoters got greedy and exceeded the limit set out by DCC. The GAA hasn't come out moral tops in all this either. This great national amateur institution has let big bucks go to its head.  The love of money…  as the good book saith. Brooks's fans and the entertainment business have been given an almighty slap in the face. My sympathies with the fans, even if JS Bach jazzified is more wholesome entertainment, although not sexy.

    They could brilliantly now invite the vanquished Brazil soccer team to come and trounce Ireland 10 – 0 in a friendly game in Croker.

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