How sweet

Yet more shrill hysteria in the meeja!

Apparently sugar is the unhealthiest enemy of all.

Sugar therefore beats nuclear fallout, exhaust fumes, radon gas and of course smoking as the greatest enemy of mankind.

It's a wonder any of us are still alive?

Now I don't deny that sugar causes problems, but for fuck's sake girl, get a grip!  You say yourself that "It's too easy to believe that it's just scaremongering" and you're right – that is precisely what it is.  You come up with weapon's grade crap like "In fact, it may frighten you to learn that heroin, morphine and sugar all stimulate the same receptors in our brain" and you don't call that scaremongering?  You tell us to be scared by comparing sugar with heroin?  You tell us that "The amount of sugar you consume directly affects your risk of developing nearly all chronic diseases" and you really seriously and honestly don't call that scaremongering?

I suppose next you'll be lobbying the gubmint to ban advertising of anything that's sweet?  How about plain packaging?  How about plastering everything that contains sugar with images of obese people?  Why not close down all sweet shops?   If sugar is the ultimate cause of all ills then that's the very least you can do?

Sugar in large quantities is bad.  We know that.  We have known that for decades but wiffling on, making extreme statements is not going to help anybody.  Ignore those so called "experts" who have proved themselves to be self promoting idiots whose primary aim is to get their names in the papers and to justify yet more research grants.  Ignore their "guidelines" because you simply cannot set a "guideline" for something as diverse as the human body.

Listen Petal, I know you're a nutritionist [whatever that is] but you also claim to be a journalist.  Could you be trying to fill a few column inches with some dramatic crap just to sweeten your pay-cheque?

Relax.  Go have a cigarette.  It's much healthier than sugar.

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How sweet — 20 Comments

  1. It really is getting beyond a joke. How much more of this crap are we expected to put up with?

    At least where I am at the moment they have better things to do with their time. It's rather sweet, actually; my hotel room has a 'No Smoking' sign just inside the door, and an ashtray on the table. I think they feel that paying lip-service to the FCTC will suffice. (I'm assuming Laos has signed up to the FCTC – every other bugger has!)

    • That is extremely useful information and will come in very handy if I ever swallow some quick drying cement.  There again, the sugar is so damn dangerous I'd be better off just letting the stuff set in my stomach?

  2. It's the fact they actually get paid to do research on these things that annoys me. Everything is bad when you consume it in elephant portions. I hate reading this nanny state crap, it's the same when it comes to obesity, they do years of research to tell us obesity is bad…no shit. And then more research to tell us how to cure obesity.

    Eat less, exercise more, it's worked since the dawn of time, there is a good chance it will work now. Or you could swap sugar for heroin, sure it stimulates the same receptors anyway, the pounds will fall off, you won't know yourself. 


    • The only reason for a lot of this "research" is money.  Most of the results are predetermined long before the work begins – if you can prove X then we'll give you a grant of Y.

      I have a very simple philosophy – a little of what you fancy does you good. 

      Why can't these people forget their obsession with health and concentrate on getting a little enjoyment out of life?

  3. Well I just spent a time in hospital and guess what?  each and every morning my breakfast porridge was served with little bags of this white substance. Think I was lucky to escape with me life!

    • Nothing serious, I hope?  [though being a patient in an Irish hospital can be a dangerous thing in itself]

      Little bags of a white substance, huh?  Couldn't have been sugar.  Must have been intended for use with a credit card and a rolled up fiver?

      • Well they got enough of my rolled up fivers. I joined the 'hipster' generation and had a ceramic ball installed! Maybe I'm immune to sugar now?

  4. I am coming over to Dublin in April and was very disappointed to find that the large expensive hotel no longer has any smoking rooms, they did when I was there four years ago. You would jimmy they could spare a few, has the law changed in Ireland ?

    • As far as I know, smoking in hotel rooms is at the hotel's discretion.  Certainly holel room are not covered by the ban.

      Choose another hotel!  😉

  5. I read the article and what a load of tripe! This gel gets paid to do this? I'm surprised she didn't state that sugar will make your feet fall off and your hair to turn purple. It's like the old "patented medicine" salesman of old in reverse:

    "What I have here in this little packet will kill you slowly in 32 different ways folks!"

    I suppose the answer to this then is to use the various chemical laden sugar substitutes available today that are known to be bad for you? And I wonder of she ever noticed that almost candy and pre-made sweets and "sugary" bakery products do not contain sugar but instead contain high fructose corn syrup? Now let's talk about a "glucose" high and then crash. Plain old sugar, unless taken in high quantities, will not spike a person's glucose levels anything like high fructose corn syrup can.

    • She gets paid to write it.  Sugar is the flavour of the month [if you'll pardon the expression] so every crackpot and nutcase is jumping on the bandwaggon.  God knows what the next fad will be?  Corn syrup?

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