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  1. I went to Ireland (Dublin) the other week. My father died; he was a swede but lived in Ireland for 21 years. I used to visit him three times a year. I therefore know a little about you irish people (I think). I love the way you handle life. When I tell people in Sweden the way you handle the plates on your car 2013 (131/132) the say: why don´t the set a investigation in motion. 

    Just so you know, everyone in Sweden seems to have known Mr Mandela to. I am sure there will be some kind of investigation.

    • Hah!  The great Registration Cockup!  Believe it or not, that was a gubmint plan to get us to buy cars in July instead of January!  Naturally it didn't work and it's just left us with confusing looking number plates.  And car sales are way down on previous years anyway.

      An investigation sounds fine.  We love Judicial Enquiries and Judicial Tribunals here.  Costs us millions every year and they never achieve much.

        • There is always Google! But I wouldn't trust Google enough to leave a Swedish reply on your site!

          The excuse they gave at the time was that people were all rushing to buy their new cars at the start of the New Year to get the new number.  By splitting it into 131 and 132 they hoped that there would be another rush in July.  There wasn't!  It will be interesting to see if we go back to 14 in a few weeks time!

  2. In 1984 I bought The Specials ep "Free Nelson Mandela".  That was kinda' like meeting him.  Right?


  3. I used to boycott Outspan oranges and Cape grapes during apartheid years. Unfortunately sometimes I bought Jaffa oranges and Israeli squeezy lemon juice instead (goes well on fried pancakes). If I'd boycotted every country's produce I'd have contracted pc scurvy. Either that or be called a limey. May we all rest in peace eventually.

    • Indeed, may he rest in peace.  But the way the world's meeja are carrying on, you'd think God had died.

      Or maybe he has?

      • After Obama and Enda have attended the funeral and the eloquent words have been uttered it'll be back to important news like Dublin gangster shot in drugs feud; or Madonna to have twins; or, most importantly, Wicklow Council slates government over potholes.

  4. I went to Kenya twice so I suppose I could have nearly met him, if he had been in Kenya…….. He has died I believe, there has been a bit on the news…..

    • He came to Ireland once, but I must have been out that day.  I suppose I won't get another chance now?

  5. All those 'world leaders'… in one place,,, at the same time…makes you wonder if there is a bit of comet Ison on a certain trajectory…open goal Universe, open goal…just saying of course. If nothing happens then is that a sign that just perhaps it's up to us humans to get rid of the foetid turds we have created.

    • This is what baffles me about the whole affair – the man was no saint yet to listen to everyone you'd swear he was the saviour of mankind.  Weird…

      • Not so weird. He did a sterling job for his puppet-masters, and the sheeple just follow along.


    • Aw shucks, I'll have to advocate the canonisation of Gerry instead. No materialistic and atheistic communist he, just a plain neighbourhood churchgoing campaigner for justice who took advice from spiritual Fr. Alex Reid and the great parliamentarian John Nobel Prize Hume. Political sainthood is relative in this postmarxistical, postbailoutistical era.

  6. They made him a saint so the other "insert your own expletive here" can gather around and bask in some reflective glory in the hope we wont actually realise they are still a bunch of….you get the idea .media and politicians all mates together!

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