A change of scene — 32 Comments

  1. "Was it worth all that time and effort?"

    Well, it looks different I'll give you that. Deer shite might be a good description!

    Personally I liked the very original look with yer wan with the boobs – bring back the boobs!!!!

  2. For fucks sake!!!! We have politicians all over the world working their arses off and all  that's worrying ya is the background colour? Mo naire thu.

    • First of all, changing the colour of the site is vastly more important, and far less damaging to society than 99% 100% of what politicians are up to.

      No [well – not too many] children were harmed in the process.

      It cost you nothing whereas if a gubmint had done it it would have cost millions.

  3. Is this an equal opportunity site ?? If you are going to show boobs I think we female of the variety should be shown some nice male parts ( and I don't mean male boobs ) 🙂


    • Of course it's an equal opportunity site.  I endeavour to offend everyone regardless of race, colour, creed or gender.

      Unfortunately I don't have any equivalent images of men's wobbly bits.  I'm not that sort of bloke.

    • I'm He's still up there on my screen.  Maybe someone has tied a knot on your computer cables?  That tends to slow things down a bit.

      • He is there in Firefox but those at Microsoft must have eventually taken offence and removed him from Explorer….

  4. i like it, for some reason though your finger is bigger which is not a bad thing i suppose. no no please i have a penis at home i don't need to see one animated here thanks. it just won't come close to my mr. ;P



    • I thought the same, but it's more or less the same image as the previous one. Maybe I might replace the gesture with something a little less appropriate?!

  5. If you decorate the turf colour with a few wisps of smoke I’ll be able to smell the peat of the dear auld sod and me so far from home. But then someone might call the fire brigade and we’ll all get drenched. Soggy nostalgia is unbearable.

    • Any of it?  All of it is true.  Each successive budget has seen cuts to healthcare, such as the withdrawal of medical cards [which allows those earning under €25,000 a year claim health benefits].  There have been cuts to pensions, respite care for the disabled, and education.  Every tax they have introduced in the last six years has badly hit the low and middle income brackets.  On the other hand, the higher paid have escaped unscathed as "we don't want to penalise the drivers of industry".  They are afraid to talk about it here, but we must have one of the highest suicide rates in Europe by now.. 

      • I rather feared it might all be true but I do not trust anything these days without getting some manner of first hand point of view. Thank you kind sir.

  6. Is he, Linux, not a character from Charlie Browne and Snoopy.

    as a point and press type of guy, I stick with what I am used to and what is on the computer. a creature who abhors change



    • Fair 'nuff.  If you want to keep chucking money at a system that doesn't work…  😉




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