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  1. Anger inducing stuff indeed. I know that this video refers to the UK, but in reality the same rule currently applies to any other buttfucked state in the EUSSR. Victor Bukovsky couldn't have put it more plainly and simply as well, in fact so simply that even the thickest, most toothless Jeremy Kyle-ophile could grasp. Getting them to drag their noses away from the TV screen is the biggest impediment.

    • Indeed it is mainly focused on the UK, but the same principle applies to all European countries.  Ireland has always followed the UK in major decisions anyway.  The only exceptions I can think of are Neutrality and the Euro and I can't see our neutrality lasting much longer?

  2. I have given this a wider circulation to our group in UKIP with a request that it is even wider circulated.

    • Welcome Maurice, and thanks.  The more that see it the better. 

      What we badly need over here is an IIP equivalent to UKIP, but the moniker doesn't quite sound quite right?

  3. I showed this to mother – it made a change from endless poxy shopping channels. She had a couple of observations: 

    1) Why have the media been so complicit in the cover up?

    2) For Gods sake employ some better presenters.

    I know these videos have to be made on a shoestring, but the MEP looked like an animated dummy, and the other guy was speaking out of the corner of his mouth! If you showed this to the average punter he/she would lose interest after 5 minutes. Mother can't be the only person who's hard of hearing, and the above, along with the background noises made it very difficult to follow.  Apart from that, an excellent exposé. And I found it rather concerning that it's impossible to find a downloadable copy of FCO 30/1048 – I spent the best part of an hour, and all of the search links are either down, or throw up malware alerts. I got Richard North's annotated version, but that seems to be it.

    I wonder why…

    • I agree that the presentation could be a lot better, but on the other hand I have seen far worse.

      As to why the media have been so complicit, we can only assume that they have been muzzled by the powers that be.  That's not too difficult a job as basically there is only a small number of mainstream outlets?

      It's only with the arrival of the Internet that items like this can receive a public airing.  Unfortunately the Internet is so vast and so cluttered that the important stuff is easily swamped by the mindless mass of drivel that proliferates.  I'm not particularly surprised that the full document isn't available on-line.  The nearest I got was the National Archives [] which wasn't much help!

      For the sake of anyone who wants to read it, Richard North's annotated version of FCO 30/1048 is here.

  4. Is it not rather fishy that the smoking ban seems to have been enacted worldwide on very flimsy pretexts, not just Europe? It is the smokers of the world who are the thinking independent-minded section of society. It is they who it is important to suppress.

    The problem has its root in the Cold War. It had both a military and a psychological front. The threat of nuclear annihilation was a smokescreen for a psychological attack that has now engulfed the whole world. I have watched it happening since the sixties. In those days 'revolution, violent if necessary' and 'the destruction of capitalism' were buzzwords. Capitalism has already come close to destruction.

    I have attempted to explain how it was done in a book: 'Psychological Cold War'. A copy can be obtained on the home wage of my website:

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