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  1. Jesus, never having heard of Varenicline until now but just looked it up in our old friend Google. To help people stop smoking???!!! Bloody hell – it sure does work. They just top themselves and that solves that!!

    • Apparently it works by numbing the pleasure receptors in the brain.  You get no pleasure from a cigarette but you don't get any pleasure from anything else either.  And that's supposed to be better than smoking?

    • Bloody hell!  The warnings are longer than the ad.  So they are urging you to quit something which may cause health problems and replace it with something that may cause health problems?

      Incidentally, I love the comments under the video!  😉

  2. I doubt any of the big pharma companies are getting rich of off statins. They are mostly generics. I take low dose Simvastatin and pay about $1 for a months supply. At first I had to have several blood test/ doctor visits to make sure there was not any side effects, now I go about every 6 months and get a blood test every year. Between me and the insurance company we have probably paid more for the tests then what a life time supply of the drug would cost. 

    • Hold on now, Jim.  You are talking Stateside.  You should drop over to happy little Ireland and try buying stuff in a pharmacy.  We don't pay a few cents extra here – we pay multiples.  I have heard of cases of prescriptions costing six to ten times more than in other European countries.  I don't know how much a single month's supply of statins costs here but I would stake my life if is one hell of a lot more than $1.  Fuckit – we pay more than that just for the pleasure of using a prescription!

  3. I have been on statins for many years after a minor stroke and have had no side effects but I know of them and they are on the instructions quite clearly. I know one person who suffered muscle weakness, but nothing like as bad as your friend, and he stopped them, everyone else seems to be ok. I will take them if I can stop a stroke as they run in our family. No idea why they affect some people so badly, for the rest I totally agree with everything you say.

  4. Big Pharma is a major pain.  They have effectively bought the FDA.  I've heard from doctors off the record that there are new medications that can't get through the FDA due to Big Pharma doing everything in their power to block them.  I do believe that there are cures for some of the worse ailments in the world, but why cure something when you can sell meds that hide the affects of the ailments?

    Due to hypopituitarism and Addison's disease, I have to take a medication that takes forever to get approved.  After changing insurance companies last year, I had to go through a two month approval process.  After all of that, they told me that due to ACA (ObamaCare), I would have to pay $4,500 a year for the medication or go without.  And, I'd have to pay $2,000 up front.  Like most of you, I don't have that kind of money laying around.  So, I called up the manufacturer and was able to enroll in a program.  After basically kissing the devils arse, I was able to get my medication.  I know there is a need for western medicine, but we really do need to get away from popping pills.  Nature provides cures for most of what ails us. 

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