The Supreme Court — 31 Comments

  1. Well, you aret taking a piss out of mentally deranged GD. Sentence: two years in a non smoking area with only Bulmers to quench your thirst.

    • Hold on now!  I'm not taking the piss.  Did I say one single disparaging word?  Just the opposite – I'm saying nothing and letting him do the talking.

  2. We are here to protect you from yourselfs.

    His IQ of 5000 obviously doesn't extend to spelling / grammar.

    May the farce be with you.

    • Maybe his spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct?  Who are we to cast nasturtiums on one so high?

  3. And here I thought the ultimate supreme being was the Great Green Arkleseizure. Fear the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief and carry on as usual.

    • Damn!  And here was I idolising a fucking hedgehog at the bottom of the garden.  I wish these gods would make their minds up as to who is who.

  4. You don't think this could be a double bluff or simple piss-take?  The cunt/superior being is obviously not using English as his first language.  Why believe anything he says?  Of course, if you are found guilty of denigrating an established Multiverse-wide religion, you can only plead Irishness and have a very long history of resisting change. Pity about the Brehon laws and Council of Whitby…

  5. I've seen some whack-a-doodles in my time but this guy may very well take the cake.  I wonder if he's connected with Scientology?  Seems so.  What with alien overlords and all that.

  6. If ANY of that CRAP was true…Why is he bothering with a speck of sand like you?  ( he spelled speck wrong too)

  7. Yiz are all being very cruel and cynical towards the fucking idiot poor man.  Would you not give him some credit for his crackpot theories sincere beliefs?  He accuses me of being scornful and derisory but Jayzus, youse lot would knock me into a cocked hat!

  8. A sleuthing we will go…

    "==Who is Mickey Suttle?==

    For quite some time, Mickey Suttle was a Product Engineer at a small “Fine Handcrafted Cabinetry” company in Forest City, North Carolina. We have intentionally left out the name of this company to protect their identities. However, Mickey’s information is no longer available on the company’s website, where the true picture of him came from, which leads us to believe that he has either quit or has been fired. To sum up Mickey Suttle in one sentence, he is a perverted man who has gotten his thrills from lying to Star Wars fans everyday for almost a decade."

    • Aha!  I think we may be dealing with a wee case of multiple personality here, and I mean multiple Supershadows rather than a simple dose of schizophrenia.  My own personal Mickey [could I phrase that better?] is somewhat more local, unless our Product Engineer is commuting across the Atlantic?

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