Elderly adolescence — 16 Comments

  1. “I cycle 10 miles to work from my 500 acre ranch  and back every day instead of driving if there is no warming then this pretty much makes me an idiot? surely you must see how i can find your blog posts insulting.”

    wtf is he on about? yes he is an idiot i gathered that in the read but why does he blame his bicycle for it? and why isn't he working his ranch? or is he just doing laps round his ranch? perhaps pulling a plow with is 'cycle is too hard? and what does global warming have to do with not driving proper vehicles to work with?

    I dunno, I think idiot fits him.

  2. I would encourage him et al. Whoever Al is. This blog of yours , excellent and blood boiling as it is, has way too many arse /ass licking sycophants.

  3. I suggest you print out every blog post (in triplicate) just in case anything ever happens to your servers

  4. Cycles 10 miles to work, aye?  500 acre Ranch?  Really?  The few people I've known that own a 500 acre or anywhere near that ranch spend the vast majority of their days and nights tending the effing ranch!  Grow up, go back to school (You obviously didn't get past primary school.), and get a job.  He joined Gor-versity far too early in life.  🙂

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