Europe Day 2013 — 15 Comments

  1. Beginning on the t4th and ending on the 9th encompassing May Day. Was it not around this time of year we used to have the military might parades around Moscow glorifying good old Communism?  Coincidence?

  2. Today is also a holiday in many European countries. I guess not in Ireland or UK.

  3. Just as the religions superimposed their timetable over the old pagan festivals the EU are attempting to steal Mayday and distort it into a celebration of Europe.

    • What the fuck is there to celebrate?  Recession?  Unemployment?  Emigration?  The EU President's multi-million new palace?  They can go fuck off.

      • From our side of the fence there is nothing to celebrate – I'm saying what they think they are doing

  4. It might cheer you up to know that the 10th of May is both St.Solange's Day and Bono's birthday.

  5. So what am I and all my happy European brothers and sisters supposed to be doing on this auspicious day?

    Change auspicious to read suspicious because that is what people need to become when it comes to Europe & our own fuckwit Europhile politicians. I'm not suspicious of them because I'm in no doubt they & the EU are completely corrupt to the core. Everyday that passes see's them seek & take more power while national sovereignty & individual rights are eroded.

    Anybody & I mean any fucking body who listens to our politicians & votes for further EU power needs to be kicked to death, people are dumb we all know that & we all know a lot of people will vote the way the party or parties they support tell them but it frustrates me no end to hear people on the radio / TV still speaking out in favour of the EU.

    I have voted against every treaty, have told every politician who I have met or who has called to my house promoting a Yes vote in a EU Referendum to Fuck Off. I Hate & Detest the EU & everything they claim it stands for. So they can take Europe fucking Day & shove it up the same place as I have told them to stick their never ending Rules, Regulations & fucking guidelines, Bastards all of them.

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