The slow drip — 20 Comments

  1. Perhaps you should adopt the 'go-with-the-flow' approach and just keep a bowl underneath the drip.

    • Hah! Funny you should say that – there is a large bowl out there all day.  Not much in it – a mere couple of hundred yoyo's worth I would guess.

  2. I hope your mutt had nothing to do with the leak. Our mutt had a thing for chewing the tank feed line and punctured the thing. I had to put wire liberally around it to disencourage her. The taste of Kerosene did the business though.

    Where is the Tank leaking? picture?

    • If you have your house insured, read the details, you'll probably find you are covered for the lost fuel.

    • That is one weird pooch?  Chewing oil lines?  Have you tried feeding him any dog food?

      Yesterday's photo will do the job.  The drip is hanging off the bottom of the bowl which is fuck all use or help as it just happens to be the lowest point in the assembly.

  3. Sounds annoying GD… to be honest, I haven't a clue what you're on about.
    But I love a man who's good with fixing things…let's be honest, some men are lazy fuckers who sit around all day smoking spliffs, scratching their flat arses.

    Does the misses watch you at work and salivate over you in your work gear, all dirty and sweaty and manly, fixin' stuff?

      • I've no idea what you're on about there tt. 
        I'm a good Catholic Irish girl, I'll have you know.  The nuns didn't teach us about no Jack Rabbits. 🙂

    • I have a wee bit of experience, having built most of this place back in the 60s.  Also installed a full central heating system from scratch in another house.

      If Herself stood around watching me she knows she would get a clatter.  She has her own work to do around the place…..

  4. I think this could be related to the ground works and excavation going on outside your manor a couple of months ago. Does it not smell (sic) of coincidence that the joints in question could sit quite happily in the garden since Adam was a lad and do their oiltight job BUT along comes the 'dig it up and wreck it' brigade and now you have a major problem. My advice to you is to contact the local authority and complain that there is subsidence and ground movement associated with their shoddy repairs which you want corrected asap.

    • That is an excellent suggestion but for one thing – the local council would take about five years to come to a decision, and even then would fuck up the whole thing if the lane is anything to go by.  The only vehicle that can drive on that now in comfort is a Centurion Tank.  They made a right bollix of it.


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