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    • That's no good.  They admit themselves that their time can be off by up to ten nanoseconds.  I want something accurate.

    • Hah!  I have one.  Unfortunately the woods have grown up around it so even on the one day in the year when the sun shines, it remains in shadow, 

    • The good old days of real comedy!  I used to love that show.  So it's 8 o'clock then?

  1. I have one of those radio-synchronised clock thingies that hangs on my kitchen wall… So long as the batteries are OK, it adjusts automagically whenever Rugby tells it to. But then I have to go round the house adjusting all the bloody digital clocks in everything electronic that doesn't connect to the Web. Totally pisses me off, the clock only cost a tenner when new, so the cost of the tiny radio chip has to be next to fuck-all. Why can't these chips be built into anything with a digital display showing the time?

    • Looks like you may have discovered a niche in the market?  Time to make your fortune?

    • A friend of mine bought one of those soon after they first came out. He stood it on the window ledge next to his PC monitor. It was always wrong, sometimes it didn't even know what day it was – they don't like electrical interference.

  2. If you've got to use a torch to get to the outside bog then it's nightime. That is all we need to know about time.

  3. GD


    19.44 exactly…. Well it was when I wrote this….

    Always happy to help

  4. Maybe it is in order to campaign for return of the talking clock.

    Imagine that any new listeners to Bob Dylan will not understand the reference in Talkin' World War III Blues:

    I was feelin’ kinda lonesome and blue

    I needed somebody to talk to

    So I called up the operator of time

    Just to hear a voice of some kind

    “When you hear the beep it will be three o’clock”

    She said that for over an hour

    And I hung up


    Maybe it is time for a campaign. Possibly letters to Pat Rabbitte, ComReg, Eircom are called for…..

  5. time? TIME?!? can't friggin' remember the day most weeks and you are worried about time?? foolishness

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