That Monday feeling — 23 Comments

  1. "Looks like Herself will have to freeze a bit longer….."


    Indeed, keyboards to not keep a person warm.


    US keyboards can be very annoying but not nearly as bad as them Frog ones that are ZWERTY instead of QWERTY.

  2. I keep a little Word document on my desktop for things not easily found on my keyboard as follows;






    • Aren't they for web pages though?  There are all sorts of wee shortcuts you can use on a real keyboard [such as Alt Gr + a giving á] and none of those works on a flimsy US setup.

  3. I have a dinky keyboard with everything where it should be, in English and "properly" organised with a QWERTY layout.  It was made in China, and probably cost about £1.00.  It is over five years old and still works.

    • My problem is simple.  I have a laptop which is a grand jobby – plenty fast – plenty memory – plenty everything – BUT it has a nasty keyboard.  The keys are all flat with nothing between them and it's like trying to type on a cheese-board.  Add to that the fact that all the lettering is coming off the keys…..

      I thought I would buy a USB keyboard, which I did for about a tenner.  Works perfectly but it's cheap, flimsy and noisy.  Thought I would treat myself to a slightly more robust model, and that is where I am now stuck.

  4. Oh dear GD. Believe it or not, the warehouse I run has over 400 keyboards, brand new, that I can't give away FFS. Mind you, apparently they are PS2 or whatever, and deemed useless? Hey ho……..


    • A feast or a famine?!!  I think I have a couple of those old ones around myself.  Maybe I can adapt one?  I didn't think of that before…. 

  5. A good night's rest to you tonight GD!
    You know what's doing the trick for me lately?  Puts me out like a light.  An electric blanket.  That or listen to a boring cunt for a while.. there's so many of them around. 

    In terms of the other shit.  First world problems.  no sympathy there, sorry.  🙂
     Oil is expensive alright though.  Speaking of boring cunts, I was watching your man Duncan Stewart on what's his show called?  The Duncan Stewart show?    'About the house' I think?. Anyways he was on about a wood burning stove there on it during the week.. you might catch it on the player.. saves a fortune apparently. Would heat up the house for the year for 800 euro he said. They're placed in the fireplace and I think a boiler goes in at the back of them.. and you'd have no need to put on any other heating according to Duncan.   I'm not sure though, wasn't really listening.. 🙂
    Worth checking out maybe?


    • One of my ambitions in life is to drop a 9" eco-unfriendly concrete block on Duncan Stewart from a great height.  The very sight of him makes me want to set fire to kittens.

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