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  1. As the group of assholes, we call it a Congress in the USA. For holes in general, I think we should use the collective name an "excavation" of holes or possibly an "emptiness" of holes. 

  2. The big hole swallows the billions of Euro.

    Gets digested.

    Then emitted by the assholes as hot air and Bullshit.




    • Welcome, David [both to here and to the "blogging" world at large]!

      If they even managed to produce flatulence from our Euro it would be something.  As it is, it just vanishes into thin air.  Or the pockets of the bankers?

  3. I suggest it should be a vacuousness of holes. It has the advantage of being equally applicable to those who have been elected into our various governments.

    (I rather like Jim's 'excavation' idea)

  4. Try the sunken caves in Chinhoyi (previously Sinoia) in Zimbawe. It's where Mugabe's Forces have disposed of many of their opponents.

  5. Yesh (hic). The co-lec-tif noun of hol*hic*holes is, Holesh. Bu-bu-buuahteye haven't been ab-ab-bull to pronouncesit since I qui-qui-quit*urp*drinking. Now, if you'll ehhhxscuse me I must get back in there. There's ahhhhh*urp*vote coming*hic*up.

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