Calling their bluff — 12 Comments

  1. Bio diesel might be the answer -has no soot, although it’s probably just a matter of time before ‘research’ discovers it raises your cholesterol or something!

  2. Not Green – But then aren’t there problems with turning so much agricultural land over to fuel crops?  What really amuses me is the deafening silence from all these so called cancer charities.  They are so obsessed with the cigarette that they can’t see anything as obvious as diesel fumes.

  3. Cancer charities would go out of business if cancer cures were more widely known. The UK cancer charities are charities in name only. Funded almost entirely or in ASH’s case ENTIRELY by the taxpayer these pretend lobby groups do the governments work by proxy.
    As for the diesel being cancerous don’t worry there will be another expert or three along in a minute waving a report that ‘proves’ the exact opposite. There is more junk science floating around this world than ever before and its purpose is to try and keep the ignorant scared enough to cough up without complaining. Seems to work rather well.

  4. tt – Third paragraph above.

    William – I have no doubt you are probably right.  It shall be proved that inhaling diesel fumes is essential for all human life, and breathing petrol fumes increases IQ by 500 points.  But cigarettes will always kill on the first puff.

  5. I would be more inclined to give credence to the report linked by Anne than most of the others carried out, any report funded by Govt (in reality the Tax payer whether we like it or not) or by the Pharmaceutical industry cannot be trusted as he who pays the piper calls the tune.

    Cannot ban diesel cars or busses as these ferry people to visit fatso Reilly’s mansion therefore allowing him draw extra money from the state.

    Maybe if you could develop the technology that would allow your smoke to be ferried away out of your car through the exhaust????      

  6. Lafsword – There is a very simple method of validating reports and studies.  Just ask two questions – A) Who funded the study and B) who stands to gain financially.  If Answer A = Answer B then the study should be consigned to the bin where it belongs. 

    As for blowing smoke out my ‘exhaust’…  that would be a damn good party trick!  😀

  7. I see CERN may have found the old elusive Higgs Boson with their Black Hole Machine

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